Inflammation: The Mouth-Mind-Body Connection

March 31, 2020

By Thomas M. Bilski, DDS

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Inflammation can be a sign of various illnesses. On a daily basis, dental professionals are confronted by periodontal disease, an increase in caries resulting in partial or total edentulism, periodontal pathogens, endodontic pathology, and the effects of smoking, all of which may involve inflammation. Causes of inflammation may include genetics, sleep apnea, rheumatoid arthritis, insulin resistance, and second-hand smoke. Increases in patient populations entering a dental practice with multiple comorbidities has impacted case management and presentations for providing dental service to optimize oral and dental wellness. This article describes the problem and emphasizes the importance of overall management and treatment.


  • Identify connections between diseases of the mouth, mind, and body. 
  • Discuss implications of research on inflammation in relation to patients and dental professionals.
  • Explain the importance of overall management and treatment of inflammation. 

About the Author

Thomas M. Bilski, DDS
Private Practice
Independence, Ohio


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